The Village at Christopher Creek


The Village at Christopher Creek is located just outside of the town of Christopher Creek, which is two hours northeast of Phoenix. It has been in operation for just over 12 years, providing a cool, mountain retreat for those looking for a break from the desert heat. The Village offers luxury cabins that back-up to Christopher Creek, a high mountain stream with limited fishing opportunity. A small lake on the property provided guests with additional trout fishing opportunities.

After 12 years of operation as a cabin rental facility, the owners decided to take a new business direction and create a high-end development on the property. The existing cabins were moved out to allow for the establishment of over 20 lots which will be made available for purchase. To attract buyers to the Village, the owners contracted ACI to renovate the existing trout lake and create additional water to ensure that each new lot owner would have easy access. ACI designed and built a recirculating system that would pump water from the newly renovated lower lake, to a newly constructed upper lake and through a meandering trout stream, emptying back into the lower lake. The 800-foot artificial stream was built to mimic nearby Christopher Creek. It features riffles, runs and pools that provide ample trout habitat and challenges for stream anglers. The stream terminates at the lower lake with a stunning waterfall that is visible from many of the new home sites. The new water amenities give each lot owner a view and/or direct access to water and great fishing opportunities.