Lake Construction

Lake construction is more than just digging a hole and filling it with water. Proper lake construction requires engineering, experience and the proper equipment. Whether you want to build a new lake or renovate an existing one, ACI provides the construction expertise to ensure your lake is built properly and will perform to your expectations for years to come. Of course, the construction component of each project differs depending on the scope of work, but in general, ACI provides the following construction services:

– Site Clearing
– Site Surveying
– Rough Excavation
– Dam Construction
– Spillway Construction
– Sub-base Preparation
– Lake Lining Installation
– Shoreline Treatments
– Lake Aeration Systems
– Waterworks (pumps, recirculating systems, etc.)
– Fish Habitat
– Wetland Construction and Planting
– Water Features (Fountains, Waterfalls, Bridges)
– Final Grading
– Site Clean-up

Streams & Rivers

The United States has 3.5 million miles of rivers and streams. Experts indicate that over 44% of these stream miles have been degraded to a point where they can no longer provide flood control, they can’t sustain fish habitat, and they cannot support any type of recreation. A primary contributor to the degradation of the streams is our land use practices; from cattle grazing, to strip mining, and the urbanization of America. Restoration of these degraded streams is a complex endeavor, requiring careful planning for design and engineering of suitable structures that will help the stream repair itself. ACI provides expert hydrologic engineering and stream design to ensure that the project exceeds your expectations. Our construction crew takes the design to the next step and builds the in-stream habitat that will restore channels, stabilize banks, and support exceptional fishing opportunities.

ACI uses a similar approach to the construction of artificial streams. Utilizing proven techniques for grade control and stream construction, we create riffle, run, and pool habitats that provide the look and feel of a natural stream. Most of our artificial streams are built to provide stream fishing opportunities, and all are built to provide our clients with the sight and sound of moving water to their landscape.

Project Management

ACI manages all aspects of your project, including all subcontractors, materials acquisition, heavy equipment, and personnel. Our project managers and field supervisors have over 60 years of combined construction experience.

Communication keeps concerns from being problems, so project management meetings are held each week in which progress, potential obstacles, and general updates are provided. A three-week look ahead schedule is provided at each of the meetings. Meeting minutes are taken at each meeting and include task assignments as well as assignment deadlines for all in attendance. The minutes are distributed to the client and meeting participants, along with a weekly construction summary.