Morani River Ranch


Morani River Ranch is dedicated to the preservation and proliferation of wildlife and its habitat. The ranch is a 3,000 acre game paradise, nestled in the beautiful Texas Hill Country along 4 miles of the spring fed Nueces River. Morani offers selective trophy hunting as a game management tool as well as selective breeding of rare and exotic species. Proceeds from the hunts are used to expand and improve the wildlife habitat on the ranch and for propagation of the rare species.

The owner of Morani River Ranch asked ACI to design and build a trophy largemouth bass lake near the Ranch’s lodge that would provide additional recreational activity for Ranch guests and complement the extraordinary hunting opportunities. In design, ACI took special precautions to protect a magnificent oak tree by creating an island, which is surrounded by a vertical rock wall. Aeration and artificial fish habitat were strategically placed throughout the lake to help develop the trophy fishery, which now produces nearly nine pound bass.